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Yum Yum Cake Donut Recipe

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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Yum Yum Cake Donuts are delicious. This is going to be your "go to " dessert from now on!

These donuts are so easy to make and they taste like a treat from the bakery. The cake donut batter can be made in a donut pan or and then finished off in the oven for the perfect donut shape.

I top them with a sweet glaze that is made from powdered sugar and milk, or you can make them without any glaze at all if you prefer that look (Old fashioned donuts are cool too for younger kids if your skipping the sugar). You can also dip them in chocolate or sprinkle them with nuts before baking them up too! (Most kinds like to decorate these kinds of treats!)

Before I made the donuts, I thought should I make them from scratch? Well a bit of guilt set in. I felt like would it really taste just as good? YES.

At first, I was conflicted to make these donuts as I was using a cake mix. I started to think, what if this is all that I had on hand or someone else). Can I just use this? So, I went for the plunge and decided to do it.

I instantly thought about how my mom would make my birthday cakes and call me in the kitchen to lick the batter from the spoon and bowl. I would tippy toe to the counter, grab that bowl and lick it clean. What sweet memories. I hope you can make them with someone you love to create fun memories like the one I mentioned.

Then I also thought about how you can make a TON of different kinds of donuts because there are so many to choose from! I recommend if you make it, maybe store it away in the freezer for another time when you want a nice treat!

This recipe makes 8+ donuts depending on how large you make them, but there's no reason why you can't double or triple this recipe if you need more than that!

Yum Yum Cake Donut

1 Box cake mix (about 16 oz)

2 Eggs (LARGE)

1/4 cup oil (coconut oil or vegetable oil)

3/4 cup canned milk

Donut Glaze:

1 Tablespoon of melted butter (Unsalted)

1 1/2 cups of Confectioners Sugar

3 Tablespoons of Canned Milk

My Toppings:

Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles or chopping fully cooked bacon


1.Using a donut pan (put on 350 degrees. If your using the Dash donut maker, just plug it in

2 Mix the cake mix, egg, oil, and water until mixed well.(Don't OVER MIX. This will make your donuts dry. Just enough where you don't see any clumps.

3. Get a large zip lock bag. Pour contents of mix in the bag. Snip the corner and squeeze cake mix into donut mold or dash donut maker.

4. Put donuts in the oven (do this from 13-16 mins) OR close your dash donut maker.

5. Remove donuts from the heat!

6. Allow the donuts to fully cool off (Wait at least 10-12 mins.)

Make your Choice of Glaze **For this recipe, we will use a traditional glaze.

1. Mix butter, confectioners sugar and milk until there are no clumps.

2. Get a donut and dip it halfway in the glaze.

3. Put your donut on wax paper or on a rack and allow the glaze to dry.

4. Repeat dipping will all donuts till your done.

5. Add a topping such as sprinkles or crushed bacon for savory taste.

6. Eat the donut and enjoy!


Want to see this made in REAL Time? Click HERE!

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