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What Do Building Toys Teach Kids About STEM?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Building toys can teach three main skills ALL kids need. It boosts creative learning, promotes critical thinking skills and increases problem solving abilities.

Creative Learning

When children are allowed to explore and play, they can begin to create things based off of ideas and thoughts they had. It is a great for them to express themselves and to cope with feelings they may have about a situation. Studies have shown allowing children to think creatively allows them to also learn how to problem solve in unique ways that would require not thinking abstractly about a situation.

Critical Thinking Skills

STEM toys develop critical thinking skills which are important to help with thinking about more complex problems encountered. It focuses on how to use reasoning skills, gaining meaning through clarification, assumptions based off of prior experience, interpretation of the results, and reflection. YES! All of these skills based off playing with STEM toys!

Increase Problem Solving Skills

Using STEM toys allows people to tackle a problem that might be unordinary. This is great because it allows the child to improve communication skills such as speaking and listening skills to team mates and learning how to manage one's self if they get upset that something did not come out the way they wanted it. It also allows kids to know its okay if something does not come out perfect. It allows them to embrace the mistakes so they can learn from mistakes made.

BrickYard STEM Construction Engineering Building Blocks

This STEM toy offers 42 different inventions your child can build and learn from.

Creating and building things hands on is one of the best ways to comprehend how things move or work. This STEM toy will help your child learn how the world around them works by building fantastic machines and learning science through experimentation.

BrickYard STEM Construction Engineering Building Blocks comes with 101 pieces of fun for kids but they also have blocks, tools, wrenches, screwdrivers and bolts to keep building fun!

Great for:

  • Use as a “Stem Station” in class

  • Use as a “transitional activity” in science class

  • Use for homeschooling

Another great STEM toy is STEM Master Construction Engineering Building Toys. This is another good toy using rods, wheels, spheres and plates to build vehicles and more. Being able to experiment with different shapes and sizes will also support spatial awareness for kids.

Great for:

  • Use for increasing problem solving skills.

  • Use for team building -

  • Learning how to share and get along with others!

You can go here to get your set today! It's on sale for a great price!

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