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  • Melody Johnson

Top Cleaning Products You Need Today!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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Now that we are in cold season, now is the time to arm yourself with tools!

Cleaning tools!

My family and I have been battling COVID.

But here are a a few of the products that I use in my own home:

#1- Spic and Span

I love the light scent of this cleaner. It is not a powerful scent and it also cuts through grease so well. Use this on doorknobs and handles of the car!

#2- Mr. Clean

This wonderful cleaner has a nice fresh laundry smell. I use a capful of this in a 1/2 gallon of water and it cleans my floors so well. No grease and leaves that fresh feeling. Plus, it kills germs!

#3 - Turbo Mop System

This 360 degree swivel mop is so flexible! You can use it as a dust mop for wood floors or use it as a regular mop for tiled floors. It has a solid aluminum poll and gets into corners easily. I also like this cause you can use it with competitor products like wet Swiffer sweeper wipes or the Clorox Scentiva Floor Wipes.

Keep cleaning and stay safe!


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