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  • Melody Johnson

Organize Your Home This New Year!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means I earn a commission from any of the links you click on in this blog. Thank you for supporting me and my family.

One essential thing to do is to start the year off right being organized!

Here are five ways you can organize a space quickly in your home without the clutter or eyesores of certain items.

#1 - Hangers

You need a place to hang up your stuff. But THESE hangers, are a bit different. You can save additional space in your closet with this! Hang five items on one hanger!

#2- Ziplock Flat Space Bags

I used this last week to Ziplock 4 queen size holiday blankets to store away since it is so warm. I have way more space in my closet now that I used this. The pack comes with two extra large flat bags. Simply use your vacuum to suck out all the air and you are ready to pack it away for another season!

#3- Zober Gift Wrap Organizer

Were you considering throwing away all those wrapping papers? NO! You can save it next year with this Zober underbed wrapping organizer! Have your paper ready for next holiday season and save money!

#4- Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Throw away that box you have taped up 100 times and use this instead. This Christmas tree storage bag allows you to carry your tree with ease using handles, resistant to mold, and allows for a simple way to store away a holiday favorite.

#5- Storage Ottoman

If you have a child and you want to easily hide toys, papers or maybe a weekly item that is used, use the YOUDENOVA Folding Storage Ottoman! I use something similar and my kids actually use it to store game controllers and they use it for additional seating!

#6 Kaome Lunch Bags for Kids

There is a high probability out there that either your child's lunchbox is very worn out and you need an new one or you want a more secure lunch box that your child can always carry. This lunchbox is for 15.98 with an additional $3.00 off coupon!


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