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Organize with Me: Series 1 (Closet Organization)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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My word for this year is simple.


What exactly is a clean closet?

Clean closets offer you easier mornings when it is time to get dressed.

They help you to put true thought into what your wearing so you can feel good about what your wearing. Its also going to lessen anxiety about what you might wear or how you are going to look for the day. An organized closet also helps you to feel confident about yourself.

Well, a cleaner, better-organized closet is within reach.

The good news is that cleaning and organizing your closet doesn't have to be difficult or expensive—in fact, it can be quite easy if you take the time to think about what you need from your closet.

For this post, you can use these tips for any kind of closet-- I used this for my linen closet.

Here are some tips for exactly how to do that!

Step #1 - Write down what you need from your space.

Write down everything you want to keep in your closet, or even just taking a mental inventory of what you want to keep. This will allow you to determine how much space you need, which will help you decide how big or small your closet should be.

Step #2 - Make a Model

Yep. Draw it out. Something about seeing a picture of it helps you to visualize the space that you have.

Step #3 -Figuring out which items are actually necessary for your space

Now that you know what you want to keep and how to place it in the closet, you need a few tools.

Fab Totes 6 Pack Organizer

Closet Organizers and Storage Hangers

25 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags (Space Saver Bags + Cool video on how to use it!)

Closet Storage Bins (Foldable)

This process takes a bit of time (So far I am in week 2 of this process).

Don't force yourself to do an entire closet in one shot—clean in small steps so that you don't get overwhelmed. I know I am not nearly done with the closet since I decided to add another shelf, need more labels and space saving containers for smaller items.


Start with one shelf or one drawer, and then do another when you have time. And don't forget to reward yourself after every small step—maybe that means a piece of chocolate or getting a quick workout in.


How to Sort Your Clothes:

After you've set up some time for cleaning your closet, take everything out of your drawers and off of your shelves and put them into three piles:

1) things I use all the time

2) things I like but don't use often

3) things I never want to use again.

Then, combine those last two piles into a box (or boxes) that you can donate.

Next, start organizing what's left. (I ended up with 4 bags to donate!)


If you have things that are seasonal but not currently in season, consider using the vacuum bags so you can store away big bulky items like sweaters or if your like me and have a ton of comforters, you can store this away for the next season with the same vacuum bags.

You can also use the Fab Totes to help put away seasonal items and you can see from a clear window what you have. Takes the guessing out of the equation when your looking for those good ol' jeans!


You can then maximize the clothing you have in your closet by using the Closet organizers Hangers. Those help you to save space and have multiple items on one hook. Here you can put all your pants, or shirts in one place.


The next thing you can do is use the closet storage bins to put away items like linens, towels, washcloths, sweaters, tee shirts, shorts, pants and more. I love how they give you handles at the end of the bin to carry them to the closet. They are also fairly simple to assemble.

On the bins that you have, add those nifty labels so others that live with you know exactly where these items go.


Well, there you have it. Your very own organized closet!

Treat yourself to some shows on Netflix or Prime Video and just relax!


Stay tuned to tomorrow's post next week on "Sparkling Organized and Clean Home in 10 Minutes with a Free App!"

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