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  • Melody Johnson

Fun Holiday Mocktail Drinks!

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Ah! Tis the season with hanging out with friends and family. Maybe you don't want to include alcohol. You want something yummy but eliminating all the extra calories.

Here are a few mocktail videos below to help you make for both family and friends.

Enjoy a Fun Twist with the Izze Clementine Sparkling Juice!,B0921C4CPQ&ref=cm_sw_tw_r_ib_dt_S2eALCXGzke0C

A Fun Way to Drink Your Celsius Energy Drink!,B0921C4CPQ&ref=cm_sw_tw_r_ib_dt_1pBQYQQP0QOnN

Wonderful beverage for year round enjoyment!,B0921C4CPQ&ref=cm_sw_tw_r_ib_dt_rCmTwb96Qc7b0

Give these videos a thumbs up if its brought you value! ;-)

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