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Cooking with Cleo (Cleo's Quesadillas)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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He said YES!!! SATURDAY, MARCH 19TH AT 1:00 PM EST he will be cooking on Amazon Live!


I have been asking Cleo to make these quesadillas on the stream cause I love how they taste. Cleo knows how to cook, so I want him to show you this recipe.

Below are all the ingredients so you can cook along with us!


Cleo's Quesadillas

Soft Taco Flour Tortillas (We use this brand by Missions)

Land O Lake Butter ( but you can use this one too. for stainless steel pan)

1 large onion or two small onions

Sargento 3 cheese Mexican Blend(You can use this too)

Baby Bell peppers (Sweet-- 2 large ones or 3 small ones. We use red and yellow)

** Pickled Jalapenos

Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips

Koch Systeme 12" WOk Pan --There is a 10% off coupon- (For the veggies)

Cuisine Art (Stainless Steel Pan) - To Cook Taco Shell.



Olive Oil (to coat veggies)

*Want more spice (Use Frank's Red hot)

We will update the STEPS on Saturday! :-) but insert a video into this post to help you out!

See you on the next stream!


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