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  • Melody Johnson

Clean and Organize Stream

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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Ah! The joys of cleaning! I use these top products to clean and organize my space!

Mr. Clean Antibacterial Summer Citrus Scent

Great for mopping up the floors without that sticky feeling and if you need to disinfect doorknobs and light switches, use this!

Libman Scrub Sponges

Are you tired of wimpy sponges that make your hand cramp up on heavy duty stained pans? Well honey, this sponge is the "Creme de la Creme" of sponges!

I had a stainless steel pan I made pancakes in for the cinnamon roll pancakes stream and the sugar from the pancakes hardened and sugar melted in the pan, making it hard to clean. When I used this, oh my gosh, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy getting the tough stains out!

Turbo MIcrofiber Mop Cleaning System

This versatile 360 degree mop can get into all corners and crevices! Along with moving fluidly across wood and tiled floors, you can use this as a dry or wet mop! I like this because you can use this mop to help to clean windows, tubs and tub walls to get the grime out!

Clorox Scentiva - Coconut Mop Clothes!

Ahh! The smell of coconut always brightens my day! You can use this to freshen up an bathroom, kitchen , hallway, any hard floor you can mop!

MIcrofiber Cloths By Suprise Pie

These micro cloths worked amazingly well when it came time to wipe down a flat surface and clean windows! I really thought that it would be hard to remove fuzzie lints pieces from the cloth (Past trauma from working with previous cheap micro cloths before)


This soap is a miracle. It not only cuts through grease but will defeat any crud on pots and pans. It will eliminate most tough to clean pans after a greasy dish. Also you can CLEAN with it. Saw a tick tok on cleaning a bathroom!

Enjoy and I am off to seek more deals for you!

Comment below if you used any of this before!

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