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Thanksgiving Decor Under $30

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and if you're like me, you may find yourself scrambling to get certain aspects of your home ready in time. I don't know about you, but I love the holiday season and want my home to be as festive as possible. However, that doesn't mean spending a lot of money on decorating! So today I'm here to help with some inexpensive ideas for Thanksgiving decorations that won't break the bank to decorate in and out of the home!

Give Thanks Banner

Whether you're looking for a centerpiece for your dining room table, or something to hang on the front door at Thanksgiving, this banner is just what you're looking for. We love its modern print and how it can be used indoors or out. If you're more into classic decor, try pairing it with some classic white pumpkins and gourds!

Lighted Thanksgiving Fall Tree

This was the first year I saw lighted trees during the fall. I love them so much! This one is a bit pricey, but it comes with lights that can be used indoors or outdoors (though you’ll want to take care of it if you use it outdoors). It can also be used as a table decoration or centerpiece, or even on your mantle! If you have room for this in your home and budget for it, I highly recommend getting this for yourself or someone else who loves decorating their house during Thanksgiving and Christmas

Thanksgiving Garland

You can use this garland for a centerpiece, table decorations or mantle decoration. You can also use it to decorate your kitchen and bathroom!

Thanksgiving Yard Flag

This Thanksgiving flag is made of burlap and has a traditional design. It's perfect for your front porch or to hang in a window, but it also makes a great table decoration!

This flag measures 18 feet by 12 feet, so it'll stand out wherever you put it. You can also add this to your front porch or hang it on an outdoor wall with other flags to create an eye-catching display that will last all season long!

8 Foot Giant Football Turkey Inflatables

This giant football turkey will make a statement in your yard, but for under $60.00, you’re not going to break the bank. You can also use this inflatable as a lawn decoration for the big game!

Thanksgiving Gnome Table Decoration

The Thanksgiving Gnome Table Decoration is a festive decoration that’s perfect for your home this holiday season. The mini gnomes can be used as centerpieces, mantle decorations and even coffee table decorations!

Thanksgiving Metal Turkey Decoration

This metal turkey decoration is the perfect accent for your Thanksgiving decor, whether you're using it inside or outside. The rustic look will look great on a table or mantle. You can also use this in your kitchen for additional turkey decorations!

Thanksgiving Tissue Turkey Decoration

When you're hosting Thanksgiving, it's important to have decorations that are easy to pack up and not too expensive. If you're busy and don't have time for a complicated project, this tissue paper turkey is perfect for you.

Thanksgiving Wood Tabletop Decor

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is the perfect way to bring a little extra warmth to your holiday table.

The key ingredient: an autumnal arrangement of fall foliage and berries, nestled in a gold-rimmed bowl. This one-of-a-kind centerpiece will definitely make for good conversation starter—and we all know how important it is to have great conversation at Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey Tea Light Candle Holders

These are a great way to add a touch of rustic elegance to any Thanksgiving table. Some people may shy away from using candles due to safety concerns, but tea light holders are relatively safe and easy to use. They're also inexpensive and come in many different sizes and styles.

Using these tea lights creates a softer, warmer atmosphere.

Fall Pillow Covers 18x18

Pillow covers are a great way to decorate for any holiday! They're easy to store when not in use, and they can be used year after year. Pillow covers are also an inexpensive way to add color and seasonal flair to your home.

Now that you know what pillow covers are and how they can be used, let's get started shopping!

When looking for the right pillow cover, there are three things you need: size, style, and color. If you're looking for something specific—like a specific pattern or design—you may have trouble finding it online (like I did). So make sure that the site has several options available so that you don't end up disappointed when it arrives at your door step.

When it comes down to deciding between buying new pillows or using old ones from around the house (or even thrift stores), look at how much time it would take to reupholster those old pillows versus simply changing them out with some new ones already made. This could save money over time because there won't be any labor involved on making new ones yourself—just grab them off Amazon and call it a day!


What a great way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving! With these ideas, you can create a beautiful space that will make everyone feel like they are celebrating the holiday with family and friends.

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