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10 Affordable Space Heaters Under $32.00

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You don't need to break the bank to keep warm. Here are some of our favorite space heaters to keep you warm and toasty for the holiday season!

Amazon Basics 500 Watt Ceramic Small Space Heater $21.85

This small, manual and compact heater is perfect to heat up a smaller space within seconds at home, in an office or on a desk!!


andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater $19.99

This mini but mighty space heater is perfect for those on a budget but also for saving space. This is a manual heater that is perfect for making sure it has adequate ventilation in the back of the unit to prevent over heating. Also comes with an auto shutoff if the heater accidentally tips over!


GiveBest Portable Ceramic Space Heater $22.48

This small space heater kicks up to 1500 watt on a high heat setting to keep any small space toasty all the way from a dorm or a small office space!


1500W Space Heater for Indoor Use $23.99

Want a compact heater that heats up within 2 seconds?? Then stop and get this heater! There are three modes on here that you can choose to keep you cozy all the way to toasty with 1500 watts along with a safety switch in case it accidentally tips over!


Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heaters $29.99

Looking to save money on your electric bill? Get the chill out the air with this space heater! Comes with three settings, manual adjustment with the heater and can be used in a dorm, small bedroom or office space.


Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat $30.99

Along with a thermostat control to ensure your heater stays at a safe temperature, the heater can be changed from 750 or 1500 watts! It has a safety shut off in case it gets accidentally knocked over and along with it being compact, it heats quickly and quietly!


Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater with Adjustable Thermostat $26.14

This portable space heater comes with a carry handle, allows use in a small dorm, office space or bathroom-- especially in high humidity areas. (NO one wants to take a shower in a freezing environment!)and comes in the class black or silver color.


Wall Space Heater 350W Portable Electric Heater with Programmable Adjustable Thermostat $26.99

This 3 second heat up wall heater can push out up to 90 degrees of heat! It also works off a timer and led display so you know exactly what temperature is in your environment. Along with the heater being quiet, it also includes a precise thermostat & a simple plug you can place in any wall outlet. You also save space!


SEGOAL Small Space Heater Fan Ceramic Electric Heater $29.99

This small heating fan is mighty but works quickly to give you the warmth you need! Use this in a dorm, small bedroom and safe to use around pets and kids. Has three modes (one as high as 1000 watts!)


Portable Space Heater, 1000W PTC Small Space Heaters $30.99

This fast heating mini heater is going to help you save space and energy with it pumping out 1000 watts max. Along with the built in over tipping feature to ensure its safety, it also offers modes to be used year round!


As you saw from the list, there are plenty of available space heaters that cost $32.00. Some of them might even work well in your home, depending on your heating needs. Our advice? Do your research, read reviews on the bottom of the products, and choose accordingly. Finding the right heater for your home is a matter of finding the one that is most suitable to your needs, so you can't start shopping too early. Also if you wait too late its hard to locate a decent heater for this price point. There's no need to succumb to frostbite just because you forgot to do some research before winter arrived!

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