As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means I earn a commission from any of the links or advertisements you click on in this blog. Thank you for supporting me and my family.

Affiliate Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from all the links and advertisements on this blog. That means I earn a commission from any of the links or advertisements that you click on in my blog, of no extra money from you. It also means that you should assume that all links and advertisements I have in the blog will contain an affiliate link. When you click on the link it means you are supporting our business (which we are truly grateful.) 

All opinions are of my own. If I don't like a product, I will let you know! Products that I recommend are products I either have direct experience with, have used a product similar to or see a deal that I would buy for myself because of the value and cost. Sometimes when purchases are made, it might not meet your expectations. Like I tell everyone, there is a chance that the product might not meet your expectations, and that is fine. Amazon has a great return policy and you can contact customer service at any time to discuss your dissatisfaction or return of your product. I have no control of the outcome of how you get your return from Amazon. All of Amazons billing, product description and returns are strictly up to Amazon and I have no affiliation, access to personal information or with creating that content nor accessing any of that content.  Amazon does not sponsor me, endorse me, nor do I work on an Amazon team. I am simply a live streamer on the Amazon Live platform that is grateful to be able to recommend products to you.

On this blog, I will have sponsorships and collaborations with brands. I will disclose them in the posts. I have also disclosed this in videos I create to help to be more transparent about the relationships I have with the brands and on social media. 

We also conduct giveaways from our website, social media (including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.) We are not held liable if the prize you receive is not the color, shape or form or meets the expectations that you want. We are not held liable if the product stops working or is not to your expectations. Prizes will need to be claimed within 48 hours to the following email address: or you forfeit the prize within all platforms (That means you have chosen to give up the prize and not claim it.) You must send the email. Other forms of submission such as from social media dms are not accepted as they sometimes go to spam. Sorry, can't be flexible on this one. We once had someone ask us about a prize from four months ago. The prizes that we offer come either directly from us, or the brand. If you do not get your prize within two weeks, contact us at With giveaways, we have an honor system. We want everyone to win something at some point. With that being said, anyone with multiple accounts trying to game the system will not participate in any future giveaways. We have the right to make any changes with prizes, refusal for the giveaway if someone is gaming the system and we can change the giveaway rules at any given time and what platform to place the giveaway on. If we are not able to honor the prize, an alternative of equal value with be either given to you or you can choose an alternative prize.We collect basic information from you that is only used by us to send you your prize. This information may be used to send you an email on occasion to tell you about upcoming events. You can always opt out of the email by replying STOP. the only time that we share your information out and that is for a brand to send you your prize. Participating in all giveaways says that you give us permission to share this information with only the brand so that they can send you your prize.

All opinions are of my own and it is at your discretion to follow them and I am not legally held liable if you use the advice and/ or the product / advice does not meet you or your child's expectations. I am not held liable if you have a product that has caused harm or again, have not met your expectations. Purchasing and taking any information from this website means you are legally agreeing to making your own decisions in using the product and or advice given. I am not a doctor. I use lots of homeopathic remedies. I post them as free information so people can do as they please with it. I am not held liable if the advice taken from this website does not help your health or places you in harms way. Again ALWAYS consult a doctor or professional for any medical advice if it is physical or mental advice or to use certain products (not just limited to products).

Feel free to reach out with any questions! Melody Johnson-Loving Literacy, LLC)

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